Kitchen Smith Crockpot {product review}

Hello friends, I have another product review for you! This time its my trusty, super easy, quickly programmable crockpot! I LOVE crockpot meals!! They make life so easy. Sure, you may have a little extra work getting whatever you want to make into it the night before or morning of, but when dinner time rolls […]

Keurig K55 {product review}

Hey friends! So coffee. And tea, apple cider, hot chocolate, flavored coffees, and everything else they offer that can be brewed! Make it all right in this amazing Keurig. This is just the basic single serve version, but its the most economical and it serves our needs perfectly. I don’t drink coffee, but I love […]

Farberware Cooktop {product review}

Hi friends! So this is what I do all of my pan cooking on. Eggs, Chinese food, chicken nuggets, pancakes, quesadillas, grilled cheese, stir-fry, everything. It’s a great little cook top if you need one and its reasonably priced as well, especially compared to other more expensive ones. Hopefully you have no need of this, […]

Aroma Rice Cooker {product review}

Hello friends! I want to tell you about my amazing little rice cooker! It makes the fluffiest, softest rice ever (so much better than in a pot!) and all you have to do is add the rice and water and press a button and about twenty minutes later, you have lovely rice – without even […]

Nutri Ninja Pro {product review}

Wow. I have only good and wonderful things to say about this blender. My husband bought it for me about a month ago and it is amazing!! I don’t have any photos of things I’ve made in it yet but I will be adding those soon! This blender is super easy to use – you […]