Cheesy Spinach Portabellos


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I’m always on the look out for easy, healthy and preferably vegetable based sides. Here is a super easy and quick recipe that is very elegant and scrumptious. There are about three steps to this recipe, another thing that I LOVE. They take about ten minutes to bake. Fast. Easy. Delicious. There is nothing to dislike about this recipe. Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments! We loved it and hope you do too 🙂



Serves 2


  • 2 Portabello mushrooms
  • 2 oz of softened cream cheese
  • 1 cup of freshly grated white cheddar
  • 2 cups of spinach, chopped
  • salt and pepper to taste




  • Wash your mushrooms, then remove the stems and scoop out the black gills on the insides, careful not to break through the mushroom cap
  • Rub olive oil on the tops of the mushrooms, place on a parchment lined baking sheet
  • In a bowl, mix together the spinach, cheeses and salt and pepper until incorporated
  • Fill the mushroom caps with half of the mixture each, then top with some extra grated cheese
  • Bake at 425 for about 10 minutes or until cheese is bubbly
  • Enjoy!!


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      Thank you! They really are!

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