Kitchen Smith Crockpot {product review}

Hello friends,

I have another product review for you! This time its my trusty, super easy, quickly programmable crockpot! I LOVE crockpot meals!! They make life so easy. Sure, you may have a little extra work getting whatever you want to make into it the night before or morning of, but when dinner time rolls around, no dirty pots and pans, and NO work! Now this crockpot is a really basic one. Just turn the knob to high or low and plug it in. That’s it. There’s no timer or anything like that, but that’s perfectly fine with me. The simpler the better. Dump in your ingredients and let it cook. Simple. It makes amazing soups, wings, pork chops, chicken, BBQ, ribs, stew, anything you can think of! I just love mine, and if you don’t have one, you need to get one! They can be a lifesaver on a busy day when you might not have time to make a real dinner! Save you some money from having to eat out that day. Get yours below:


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